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Mew v0.3.5

Post by Gamma Ridley on Wed Oct 13, 2010 12:22 am

Mew, the most legendary of all Pokemon, has joined the Brawl!

Uhhh yeah! Project Mew has been in developement for, oh say, six months, mainly by my lonesome, but not without any help at all of course. However, progress is a liiittle slow. As you can tell, it's not exactly complete yet, but it's getting there!

~~~TO DO LIST~~~

    Get the model working over Mew
    (Thanks to Serrix for adding the necessary amount of bones and Snoopy for fixing the invisibility glitch)
    Fix the tiny-shield glitch
    Fix the glitchy hurtboxes
    Finalize the moveset
    PSA work
    Alternate costumes
    CSP Portraits
    Fix the stretched-when-thrown glitch
    Custom Sound Effects

In progress
Not yet started
Unsure if it'll even happen

~~~Moveset as provided by Get a Load of This!~~~
Each stat is scored out of 10 points.
Size – 2/10 – Around Pikachu size.
Weight – 3/10 – Not very weighty.
Walk – 2/10 – One of the slower ones in the game, Mew's just doing breast strokes through the air.
Run – 3/10 – Not much better. Does quick somersaults forward.
Power – 3/10 – Mew's not really trying.
Attack Speed – 5/10 – Some moves are rather sluggish.
Range – 8/10 – Good range on almost all attacks, however...
Priority – 8 to 2/10 – Disjointed hitboxes to the umpteenth degree, but a pittiance if it's attacking physically.
Air Speed – 5/10 – Yeah, slightly faster to jump than to run.

Two jumps that travel incredible distances, but are actually very slow to rise.

Mew's general playstyle revolves around the fact that it's NOT trying. Mew is one of the legendary Pokemon. There is no equal on the Smash roster, period. For this reason, it dances around and moves very lazily, almost as if it is bored. Being hit does not appear to hurt Mew, it simply strikes a relaxed pose. Tripping just has it sitting down. Being floored leaves it reclining. For this reason, several of Mew's attacks don't actually deal any damage. Instead, Mew play relies on racking up damage with those moves that DO deal damage and then hitting with one of its non-damaging attacks, with knockback and keeping the opponent down with windboxes, to score a KO. It doesn't have much in the way of KO potential, so toying with the opponent to keep the damage high and keep them from recovering is nessicary.

Wait1 – It's just sort of floating there, bobbing up and down.
Wait2 – It rocks back and forth
Wait3 – It bounces up and down before coming to rest

Jab – Mew strikes what looks like a boxing position before striking a left jab. The hitbox is actually disjointed, hitting about the distance of Ike's f-tilt. Attacking again results in a right uppercut, sending the enemy a set distance into the air, which equates to about the distance from the floor of Battlefield to the space between the middle platforms and the top one. Both hits do 3%.

F-Tilt – Mew quickly goes barreling at its foe, arms widespread. This move extends about the length of a Battlefield platform. If it hits, it causes 10% and floors both it AND the enemy.

U-Tilt – Mew hides its face as a few hearts float out of it that can stun the foe if they connect. Does 4% damage. Has end lag.

D-Tilt – Mew strikes a pose, which causes a bright light to eminate from it and cause tripping. There is an initial start up lag. It causes 7%.

F-Smash – Mew appears to yawn. After this, the opponent is knocked away. The move does not cause any damage, but is a strong launcher. Cannot usually kill by itself, however.

D-Smash – A long distance shockwave that knocks anyone around it to be popped into the air, during which it appears to be mimicking a curtsey. Basically exists to set up for its aerials, and is sluggish to start up.

U-Smash – Looks up, before waving its arms, which causes anyone above it about a Zelda away to be knocked around in random directions before being launched like a pinball. Hits 6 times for 2% each, 3% if charged.

Dash Attack – A barrel roll.

N-Air – A mimickry of Mewtwo's old N-Air, except with heart effects. Lasts a long time. 1% per hit and shout deal about 9%.

F-Air – Mew waves to its opponent, pushing them away with a windbox. The closer it is, the stronger the windbox. The attack also knocks the enemy back if they're close enough. This gives them back their third jump, if they had one. This is just to avoid edgeguarding being TOO easy.

B-Air – It wiggles its tail at the opponent. This is functionally similar to its F-Air, except it hits downwards at a 45% angle and has less range.

U-Air – Mew creates a windbox above it that actually pulls foes TOWARD it before loosing a shockwave that puts a flower on an enemy's head. It gives a nod of approval.

D-Air – It mimics a plane crash, arms extended and barrel rolling towards the ground. If it hits something, it gets pushed downwards into the rest of the attack. If it hits the ground, it creates a weak explosion and looks as if it is laughing, causing moderate knockback and 7% damage. If it doesn't hit anything, it stops after a certain distance. The actual descent does not hurt anything.

Grab - BIG HUG, short ranged.
Pummel – Squeezes the opponent tight. Is as fast as Lucario's and does 1% a hit.
F-Throw – It plants a kiss on the enemy that stuns them, before backpedaling a short distance, waving and then launching them strongly, dealing no actual damage. This actually does have kill potential around 150%.
B-Throw – Gives the foe a hard stare before tossing them away and shrugging. Deals about 6%.
U-Throw – Gets very close to the foe before punching them hard, where the stomach would be. Launches straight up and does about 12%.
D-Throw – Mew sits on the opponent for a while, invincible the entire time (in case of free for alls) and does a front flip that ends with it kicking the foe in the head. Leaves the foe on the floor and does 8%.

Get Up - It spins around and then strikes a bow, its tail stretched out and deals 3%.

Neutral Special - Swift- Creates a star a short distance in front of Mew, that stays stationary and harmless. Pressing the B button again afterwards then fires the star forward at the speed of Falcon's dash, doing about 7% with minimal, low angled knockback. Useful as a trap to set up another attack or break out of a combo if placed correctly.

F-Special – Telerush - Simply, Mew dashes forward like a missile, anything near it will be dragged along with it in a windbox. Travels about 1/3rd of Battlefield. Does not put it in freefall.

U-Special – Barrier - Purely defensive, Mew puts up a bubble around it that renders it impervious. It pops after about a second, tripping anyone near and creating a small windbox away from it.

D-Special – Metronome - Has four random effects. The first makes Mew rush forwards doing a powerful kick, which does 15% with killing potential if it hits and dealing Mew 7% if it misses. The second has Mew going stiff and falling to the ground, striking anything in its way and giving it invulnerability, which causes 10% if it hits. The third makes it stall for a moment before shooting a short ranged ball of electricity that deals 15% and larger knockback, and the fourth has it setting off an explosion that causes both it and whomever it hits to recieve 25% damage. This move has the potential to be Mew's most powerful attack, but may also hinder it.

Final Smash – Psychic - Mew holds nothing back for this move. First, it holds out its hand which does a short ranged darkness effect. If this hits, the screen goes black, and Mew hits the opponent forty times dealing 40%. The screen then lights back up, Mew gives the foe a quick poke, and the opposition is launched like crazy, usually a OHKO.

Up – Flies around in different directions, starting with a backflip.
Side – Turns, hides its face and flicks its tail in front of it. This is basically Luigi's kick taunt in function.
Down – Grabs and plays with its tail.
Results Screen:
Victory 1 – Hides its face and wiggles its feet, laughing.
Victory 2 – Sitting, it cleans its face for a moment and then looks at the screen.
Victory 3 – Falls asleep lying on its belly, with its body parallel to the screen and its head turned away from it.
Lose – Lounges about, waving its tail around.

[move]WILL BE UPDATED![/move]
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